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Fitness Water Bag - Blue - 3L

  • Product Item : WF128
  • Category: Fitness Water Bag
  • Item Weight:0.82KGS
  • Color:Black/blue/grey/red
  • Product dimension:Dia12xH28cm
Feature & Function:

·STRONG AND DURABLE: Are you ready for a hard full body workout? Weighing only 2 .8lb when empty. Fitness water bag are easy to transport and prepare for exercise. Fitness water bag with water are super tough fitness sandbags, filled with air and water. Valve makes it very easy to fill and empty the bag.
·MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Get this ultimate training for your core, legs, arms. Different handle positions allow for variety in your exercises. When full weighs up to 25 lbs!
·PORTABLE AND VERSATILE: Our fitness water bag are perfect for cardio, high intensity interval training for crossfit and all opympic movements such as lifts, swings, curls, step-ups and rows.
·TRAINING EQUIPMENT: Get the ultimate full body workout through instability. Pick up the tidal tank and you immediately feel its unforgiving properties. The entire weight of the water sloshing from one side to the other in response to the smallest tilt. In order to raise it above your head, even the smallest muscles are activated, working together with the bigger muscles to maintain balance and power. Because of this, even 15 pounds of water can humble trained athletes.
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