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1 degree (inclusive) above, accounting and finance related, requiring a qualified accountant, CPA, CTA qualification is preferred;
2, 4 years of work, have some experience in financial accounting, for sensitive financial data, preferably with work experience in US-listed companies, there are four work experience is preferred;
3, skilled use of ERP software, office office software, in particular proficiency in Excel and Powerpoint; familiar with PRC GAAP and US GAAP and can skillfully use;
1, according to the design characteristics of the company business accounting system, set up and maintain financial accounting subject system, the preparation of subjects for use, for the company¡¯s cost management system to provide accounting support;
2, responsible for sales revenue, cost of sales, procurement expenditures, expenses, investment expenses, capital expenditures and other business, accurate accounting, ensure accurate data of the current account for business evaluation and management of accounting data in decision-making support.
3, according to business characteristics and the development of a cost control and management measures for the implementation and monitoring the implementation of organization; continuous improvement and improve the corporate project management and cost accounting system, the project budget execution process monitoring and timely warning; responsible for the research company Key aspects of product cost control And applied.
4, according to the basic work of accounting regulations and accounting rules review and examine the business operations accounting documents, accounting information, timeliness, accuracy, completeness;
5, responsible for the preparation of routine reports (including the provision of external reports and financial statements of the company) to ensure objective and accurate reflection of the company¡¯s operating condition, objective and comprehensive financial indicators of the company;
6, responsible for organizing the preparation of financial budgets and budget execution trace report;
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