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About Baolong
ZheJiang Baolong Camping Products Co., Ltd. lt was established in 1996, as a professional manufacturer with 15 years experience in designing, production and sales of out door camping products, we are aimed at pr-oviding professional equipments to outdoor enthusiast.
Our products enjoy great popularities among North America, West Euro-pe, East Europe, Asia, Australia and other countries.
Since it was founded, our company has been cooperated with famous c-ompanies and produced outdoor sports equipments, which used high-technical import material to ensure the high equality of Baolong   according to the requirements of the purchasing management and quality. With the cooperation with other famous countries, the meet with the world style and fashion trend and the regular production, Baolong could ensure the comparativeness of the produ-cts.
To meet the outdoor spotters¡¯ requirements, Baolong has developed more and more camping products. Such as mountai-neering, hiking, paddle, city leisure products and so on. All the participators could enjoy pleasure from them.
As professional outdoor products manufacturer, we learn well the user¡¯s exact requirements in outdoor activity, view from   outdoor enthusiasts¡¯ interest, being aimed at providing products which can meet different needs. We take consumer¡¯s inte-rest as superior, we advocate multi-benefits for society, consumer, distributors and manufacturer.
Baolong camping always put the quality as the lifeline of our enterprise, we had passed ISO9001:2000 quality manageme-nt authentication, ISO14001£º2004 environment management authentication and GB/T28001-2001 career healthy authenti-cation. Precise group team, high efficient system, strictly management during production and quality checking, to guarantee the high quality and security of our product.
We own two brands ¡¯baolong¡¯ and ¡¯blackhawk¡¯, with more than decathlon ten certificates We are specialized in outdoor pro-ducts, celebrating Olympic game year, wish to achieve success with all our customers.

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